Working With Us

The first thing to know is that we see this as working with you!  Not the other way around.  You Lucky Dog is all about your brand, your incentive, your budget.   We will partner with you, taking what you tell us to create gifts for your company that look as if they came straight from your Home Office.

We begin every project with your order quantity, your budget & the available lead time.  There's a sweet spot between those three factors that drives what is possible.  That is where our expertise in gift design is invaluable.  We know what can be done, at what price, in what volume and by what date.  Once you've approved our design, we'll take it from there, including the logistics of delivery.

Our job is to make you look good, and we will.  We finish every order on-time and on budget. We understand that building morale and building a team with a common goal & vision is an investment in your company's success.  With that in mind, we work to achieve that goal in a way that respects your time & your investment. 

The Company We Keep