D.I.Y. Cookie Kit

Our newest gift design is the D.I.Y. Cookie Kit.   This store gift has all that your team needs for a delicious and fun cookie decorating party, with large baked sugar cookies, frosting, sprinkles and gel writing tubes.  Available in our rectangle gift box with 24 cookies or for larger stores, in our large Display Box with 42 cookies.  

Choose your nonpareil & jimmy colors, decorette shapes, specialty sprinkles (coconut, mini M&M’s, Red Hots, mini Reeses Pieces) and your frosting flavors too.  This gift can ship via ground service during the summer months.  Add your logo to our graphics or at higher volumes, completely customize your container graphics and even your cookie shapes! 

The D.I.Y. Cookie Kit is a creative incentive to boost your teams spirits during floor sets, store meetings and to celebrate a sales contest win!