Ribbon Box

Price Range for 2 gallon size: $55.00 - $65.00
Standard enhancements include graphic labels applied to two sides of gift and double-sided bridal satin ribbon tied in a bow over lid of the gift box. Custom fit shipping carton with our Easy Lift-Out strip.

Content Options:

Snacks/Candy - 27 snacks (9 Healthy, 9 Savory & 9 Sweet) plus three pounds of fun candy mix (approx. 135 pieces) -OR- bite-sized chocolates (approx. 150 pieces) 
All Candy - (10 lbs) Five pounds fun candy mix (approx. 150 pieces) & 5 pounds Fun sized chocolates (approx. 135 pieces)

Customization Options: ribbon color, label design, box color, custom printing on base of gift box and/or lid.   1 gallon and 3.5 gallon sizes by special order.