Holiday Pop Up

Price Range: $85 to $125

Standard enhancementsStandard enhancements include a custom graphic trapezoid label on the large gift box base, double-sided bridal satin ribbon tied in a bow. Choose your color of Ribbon Box, ribbon, the color of the smaller interior gift boxes and for the holiday confections, choose your sprinkle colors and foil color the chocolate light bulb pops.  Custom fit shipping carton with our Easy Lift-Out strip. 

 Content Options:

Holiday Confections: 210 pieces.  (18 snacks + 48confections + 144 candy)


Box 1: 10 Candy Cane Crunch Graham Squares in dark chocolate

Box 2: 8 Chocolate Covered Bavarian Pretzel (sprinkled or drizzled, dark chocolate)

Box 3: 12 Bark Squares (Cranberry, 'O' Joy, Peppermint)

Box 4: 4 Nut & Chocolate Trail Mix by Lucky You

Box 5: 4 Peanut Butter Pretzel Nugget Snack Mixes by Lucky You

Box 6: 4 Cranberry Trail Mixes by Lucky You


6 Gourmet Caramel Popcorns (caramel & butternut) 1.5oz

18 Chocolate Light Pops(9 per side of gift in dark or white chocolate)

1.5 lbs Hershey's Kisses (approx 144 pieces)

 Customization Options:  Pantone match the large gift box color or custom print the gift box base in one or two colors with your holiday graphics over white or kraft.    Upsize to a 3 ½ gallon.   Custom chocolate logo pops also available.