Gift Tower

Price Range: $40 to $75
Standard enhancements: includes a custom graphic label on the base of the gift tower, a custom gift tag and double-sided bridal satin ribbon tied around the gift in a bow.   

Content Options:
Holiday Confections: 56 pieces. 

Top Box -  8 Dark Chocolate Peppermint Graham Cracker Squares
2nd Tier -  16 White Chocolate Enrobed Candy Cane Oreos
3rd Tier - 20 Dark Chocolate Enrobed Bavarian Pretzels with nonpareils
Bottom Box  - 12 Sugar Shortbread ‘Present’ Cookies

Customization Options:  Sugar Shortbread cookies with your logo baked into the dough.  Add a large 5th box with custom printed graphics to the tower.  Add custom graphic labels to the lids or side panels of each gift box.