Spin and Win is an interactive game that doubles as a teaching tool.  Employees spin the wheel, and if they are able to tell their manager the correct answer to the question the arrow is pointing to, they win a prize.  In this case, the customer chose custom chocolate pops that were customized with the name of the new pilot program.

The Q&A format re-enforces in a fun way what your teams have recently been taught.   Use it to underscore the key benefits of a new product line, credit card program or (as shown) a pilot program.   Even wrong answers are worthwhile as they spark a conversation about your new initiative.   Other uses – a prize wheel for the top-selling employee of the day, week or month.

Spinners are available in eight-by-eight or twelve-by-twelve rectangles or in circles of the same diameters.

Optional lamination for use with wet or dry erase pens.